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Official SPA classification listing shown below, has been reviewed by the SPA Classification Committee.
Teams not registered with SPA are not listed:

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 AgeTeam Name - MgrStateYearGClassClass Date
Roster35Arkansas JWP - Mgr Roshell, PAR2021WAAA Y
Roster35Hilton Forty Plus - Mgr Humble, NFL2023WAAA02/17/2017Y
Roster35Hott Mess - Mgr Crawford, ATN2022WAAA Y
Roster35Kummin of Age - Mgr PRINGLE, RMS2021WAAA Y
Roster35Lady Bachelors - Mgr Sirls, LMI2023WM Y
Roster35NC Softball SR - Mgr Smith, JTN2021WAAA Y
Roster35Pitches Be Crazy - Mgr Warren, GAL2023WAAA07/13/2016Y
Roster35Pyhooya - Mgr Plagge, KFL2021WAAA Y
Roster35St. Louis Storm - Mgr Gladen, RMO2023WM8/9/2022Y
Roster35Stacked - Mgr Hutson, DTN2024WAAA Y
Roster35Wicked Game - Mgr Noto, DGA2021WAAA Y
Roster40Advanced Level Softball - Mgr Sapp, HGA2022WAAA Y
Roster40Allstate ACS K and G Softball - Mgr Carlson, GOH2024WM Y
Roster40Deep South Softball - Mgr Cowart, RTX2024MM Y
Roster40Do Damage - Mgr Davison, DGA2023WAAA Y
Roster40EZ Duz It - Mgr Vogel, JMD2024MM Y
Roster40First Capital - Mgr Ramos, RNY2024MM Y
Roster40Mugshotz - Mgr Crisafi, DNY2024MAAA Y
Roster40OPP Old people problems - Mgr Wilson, JDE2023MAAA Y
Roster40Red’z /California Bat Company - Mgr GILL, TNC2023WM Y
Roster40smash it sports bob johnson roosters - Mgr Jett, HNY2022MM Y
Roster40TM Force - Mgr Berning, KFL2024WAAA Y
Roster40TM Force - Mgr Berning, KFL2022WAAA4/15/2015Y
Roster40Vintage Softball - Mgr Bivens, SKY2021WAAA02/13/2017Y
Roster45Just Sayin - Mgr Neace, RKY2024WAAA Y
Roster45Solway Hardware - Mgr Giles, LTN2022WAAA Y
Roster503VETS Heating and Cooling - Mgr Haynes, JWV2024MAA4/19/2023Y
Roster504tk BBA - Mgr Telford, DGA2024MAAA Y
Roster5050 Shades Women - Mgr Walker, GIN2024WM Y
Roster507Athletix TSG Events - Mgr Johnson, ROH2024MM Y
Roster50ADL 5.0 - Mgr Krazl, SMO2023MAAA Y
Roster50AHF Solway Hardware Living Legends - Mgr giles, lTN2024WAAA Y
Roster50All Around 50s - Mgr Milton, RTX2024MAAA Y
Roster50Allied Tool LSR KB Reds Boys - Mgr Lawson, RIN2024MM Y
Roster50Allied Tool/LSR - Mgr DeJarnette, JKY2023MM11/13/2023Y
Roster50Allied Tools LSR Father Time - Mgr Lindsey, SKY2022MM Y
Roster50ALLNET LEGACY - Mgr Glass, COH2024MAAA Y
Roster50AP Aches n Pains - Mgr Warder, MKY2024MAAA Y
Roster50Atlanta Monarchs Miken Reloaded - Mgr Lyons, EGA2023MM Y
50Automotive Triage JG Const Ground Thunder Haterz - Mgr Cress, GNC2023MM N
Roster50Back to Basics - Mgr Torrence, DNC2023WAAA Y
50Bad Boyz - Mgr PURVIS, CVA2021MAAA N
Roster50BEATTexas Vets - Mgr culver, eTX2021MAAA2/14/2019Y
Roster50Big Daddys Softball - Mgr Harrel, DGA2023MM Y
Roster50Bob Johnson Chevrolet Roosters Pizza and Pub - Mgr Schello, CNY2022MAAA1/16/2020Y
Roster50Born to Hit - Mgr Hudson, RGA2021WAAA Y
Roster50Brotherhood Sports Michigan Old School - Mgr Marty, GMI2021MAAA Y
50CGT Cartel Patriot Sports Apparel - Mgr Mann, RGA2021MAAA N
Roster50Chi Town Ballers - Mgr Jackson, DIL2023MM Y
Roster50Cincinnati As Reloaded - Mgr Scott, TOH2024MAAA Y
Roster50Citywide - Mgr Patterson, ROH2024MAAA Y
50Club Detroit softball inc - Mgr guy, cMN2024MAAA N
50Club Detroit softball inc - Mgr guy, cMN2024MAAA N
Roster50CPS BSB SOFTBALL - Mgr FRANCE, RPA2024MM3/26/2024Y
Roster50Crawford Contracting - Mgr Edmundson , MMI2021MAAA Y
Roster50Crossfire Fifties - Mgr Gorden, DTX2024MAAA Y
Roster50Dayton Legends Tilton Trucking - Mgr Johnson, BOH2021MAAA Y
Roster50Dayton Legends Twenty Two Softball - Mgr Johnson, BOH2024MAAA Y
50Daytona Beach Boyz - Mgr Sherwood, MFL2022MAAA N
Roster50Deluxe Bakery / Juno Athletics - Mgr DeSantis, DNJ2023MMP Y
Roster50Demolition/KPI/Illinois Valley Insurance - Mgr CASEY, JIN2023MMP7/6/2023Y
Roster50Diversified Machine - Mgr Bielek, MOH2021MAAA Y
Roster50Dreamgirlz - Mgr Jones, FVA2023WM Y
Roster50DRT Transportation - Mgr Stamey, CTN2022MAAA Y
Roster50Dudley Lightning - Mgr Cary, CMO2021MM Y
Roster50DYNASTY GIRLS - Mgr Herron, TFL2024WM Y
50Empire - Mgr Lopez, ATX2021MAAA N
Roster50ETX 50s - Mgr Hackett, MTX2021MAAA4 /16/2013Y
Roster50Expert Ind Supply - Mgr ALUSIK, JNJ2023MAAA Y
Roster50Father Time/ Evercure - Mgr Lindsey, SKY2021MM Y
Roster50FBI Miken Worth - Mgr Wilson, MGA2021MMP Y
Roster50Fifty and Over Ballers - Mgr Walton, KGA2024WAAA Y
50Fifty Shades - Mgr Walker, GIN2022WAAA N
Roster50Fifty Shades Womens - Mgr Mobley, CNC2023WM Y
Roster50Fire And Ice - Mgr Strickland, BTN2022WAAA07/27/2016Y
50FIRE IN THE HOLE FIFTY - Mgr turner, cMI2022MAAA N
Roster50Fireballz - Mgr Hill, BOH2024MAAA Y
Roster50FireInTheHoleFifty - Mgr England, TMI2022MAAA Y
Roster50Flytime - Mgr Lampkin , AMI2021MAAA Y
Roster50Freehold Gmc Juno Athletics - Mgr MARTER, WNJ2022MM Y
Roster50G BRAND BAD REP - Mgr Vollmers, RMI2024MAAA Y
Roster50Gem City Merchants - Mgr Goffe, QOH2022MM6/25/2018Y
Roster50Georgia Lady Crushers - Mgr Jones, AGA2023WAAA Y
Roster50Georgia Renegades - Mgr Pharr, EGA2022MAAA Y
Roster50GO sports - Mgr Owen, GOH2024MAAA Y
Roster50Golden Players 50 - Mgr Ferraro, MFL2023WAAA7/17/2023Y
Roster50HEX.COM - Mgr Corrao, DOH2024MAAA Y
50High Octane - Mgr Baker, NIN2021WAAA N
Roster50High Octane Miken Franchise - Mgr Baker, NIN2023WAAA Y
Roster50High Street Bucs Fiftys - Mgr Bleach, JMD2021MAAA Y
Roster50Highly Favored - Mgr Miller, JFL2024WAAA Y
Roster50Impact Softball - Mgr Lindsey, SKY2024MM Y
50Indiana Legends - Mgr Argyelan, JIN2021MAAA N
Roster50Jackdaddys - Mgr Hogan, RPA2023MAAA Y
50JDL EXPRESS - Mgr Walker, JVA2023MAAA N
Roster50JSAG Dayton Legends - Mgr Russell, DOH2024MAAA Y
Roster50JWP Ar Mix - Mgr Roshell, PAR2024WAAA08/22/2016Y
Roster50K G TAZ Softball - Mgr Carlson, GOH2024WM Y
Roster50Kryptonite - Mgr Smith, CFL2023WM Y
Roster50Lady Vipers - Mgr Jandersit, EFL2024WAAA Y
50LB Dills Carpet Duct Cleaning Alpha - Mgr Hebb, HMD2024MM N
Roster50Lighthouse Lookouts - Mgr Elmore, RTN2023MMP7/6/2023Y
Roster50Lightning - Mgr Farmer, RVA2022MAAA Y
Roster50Lions Den Printing Fitness 2000 - Mgr CALLAN, PAL2023MAAA Y
Roster50Longos - Mgr Sullivan, BPA2021MAAA Y
Roster50Lowe Legends - Mgr Hannon, HOH2022MAAA5/13/2022Y
Roster50Michigan Showtime - Mgr Stanek, TMI2023MM Y
Roster50MP Primetime Agent 23 - Mgr Haynes, GGA2024MMP Y
Roster50My Brothers Keeper Team TSG - Mgr Johnson, ROH2023MAAA Y
Roster50No Drama - Mgr Patrick, BVA2024WAAA Y
Roster50Ohio Hitmen - Mgr Satink, FOH2021MAAA04/04/2016Y
Roster50Oklahoma Rhino - Mgr Moore, ROK2022MM5/12/2015Y
50Old School - Mgr Glisson, RFL2022MAAA N
Roster50OTc Smires - Mgr Tuccillo , ANJ2023MAAA Y
Roster50Our Dirt Softball - Mgr Peach, WKY2024MAAA Y
Roster50Pa Merchants - Mgr Cutright, DPA2023MM Y
Roster50Paradise Sports - Mgr Epling, ROH2024MAAA Y
Roster50Phoenix Tube DreamWorn - Mgr Grossman, MNJ2023MM Y
Roster50Pitches Be Crazy - Mgr Warder, MFL2023WAAA Y
Roster50Pittsburgh Crawfords - Mgr Gay, MPA2024MAAA Y
Roster50Prodigy - Mgr Powell, GMI2023MAAA Y
Roster50ProV Michigan Old School - Mgr Marty, GMI2022MAAA Y
Roster50PULSCHAIN - Mgr Corrao, DOH2022MAAA Y
Roster50PulseChain Juno Athletics - Mgr Marter, WNJ2024MMP Y - Mgr Sullivan , BOH2023MM Y
Roster50Reds Boys - Mgr Likens, RIN2022MM Y
Roster50River City Thunder - Mgr REYNOLDS, RAL2023MAAA Y
Roster50Rock N Legends - Mgr Miller, BTX2023MM3/16/2023Y
Roster50Saints Dayton Legends - Mgr Tomlinson, JKY2024MAAA Y
50Short Porch - Mgr Roberts, EFL2023MMP N
Roster50Short Porch - Mgr Roberts, EFL2023MMP Y
Roster50ShowTime Softball - Mgr Stanek, TMI2022MM Y
Roster50Six One Five Honored - Mgr Taylor, JTN2024MM Y
50Six One Five Senior Softball - Mgr McKenzie, BTN2022MM N
Roster50Smash It Sports Bob Johnson Chevrolet - Mgr Lockwood, CNY2024MM Y
Roster50Smires / Scudz Sportz - Mgr Tuccillo, ANJ2021MM Y
Roster50Softball Rehab 50s - Mgr Rodriguez, CTX2024MAAA Y
Roster50Southern ILLINOIS - Mgr Riechmann, DIL2023MAAA6/7/2023Y
Roster50Spirits West 50 - Mgr HEBB, HMD2023MM6/21/2023Y
Roster50St. Louis Merchants Red Athlete Softball Club - Mgr Crews, GMO2023MM Y
Roster50Suncoast Adidas - Mgr Trotter, LFL2023MMP07/05/2017Y
Roster50SWINGMAN FIVE O - Mgr Barfield, ATX2022MAAA Y
Roster50T and T Softball Club Detroit - Mgr Hill, TMI2021MAAA Y
Roster50T.S.C. - Mgr Morris, TWV2024MAAA Y
Roster50Taylor Made Construction Phoenix Tube BPA - Mgr Grady, JPA2022MM Y
Roster50TC - Mgr Huckleby, COH2024MAAA Y
Roster50Team 216 - Mgr Ledger, FOH2022MAAA Y
Roster50Team Arkansas - Mgr Sweat, DAR2024MM02/18/2014Y
Roster50Team BOMANI 50 - Mgr Bomani, BOH2023MAAA Y
Roster50Team Elite PA - Mgr Grady, JPA2021MM Y
Roster50Team Louisiana - Mgr Broussard, TLA2021MAAA Y
Roster50Team Mastery - Mgr Vaprezsan, JAR2021MAAA Y
Roster50Team Powerhouse - Mgr Brumbalow, TGA2023MM Y
Roster50Tennessee Select 50s - Mgr McKenzie, BTN2024MAAA Y
Roster50Texas Aces - Mgr Doyle, PTX2021MM Y
50Texas Gamers Davis Gl Services Z Wear - Mgr Holland, GTX2023MM N
Roster50Texas Mavericks - Mgr Oliver, HTX2022MM1/9/2018Y
Roster50Texas Rush - Mgr Roach, WTX2021MAAA Y
Roster50Texas Xpress - Mgr Koliba, BTX2021MM Y
Roster50TheTexas Elite - Mgr Walcott, ATX2021MM Y
Roster50Tri State Legends BKC Rubber Duck 4X4 - Mgr Lecker, GOH2024MAAA Y
Roster50Trinity home renovations - Mgr Thornton, RNY2021MM1/31/2019Y
Roster50United Softball - Mgr Ashford , CAL2023MM5/15/2023Y
Roster50Vivid 50 Onyx - Mgr Obrien , RTX2023MMP11/13/2023Y
Roster50VIVID EASTON - Mgr Obrien, RTX2022MM Y
Roster50Walker Brothers of Alabama - Mgr ARMSTRONG, KAL2023MM01/12/2017Y
Roster50Walkoff - Mgr Nelson, BMD2024MM Y
Roster50We Got Next - Mgr Hunt, JAR2024MM4/9/2024Y
Roster50We Rock Our Age - Mgr Pugh, LIL2022WAAA Y
Roster50Woodlawn Hitting Club - Mgr Quiroz, JFL2021MAAA Y
Roster50Xperience Sports - Mgr Hendricks, DIL2024MAAA Y
55Barrie MTC - Mgr Widdrington, SON2024MAAA N
Roster55Bishop Electric - Mgr Bishop, BMA2024MM Y
Roster55Bob Johnson Rizzos - Mgr Rizzo, TNY2024MM Y
55Bob Sykes BBQ Hitmen - Mgr Howell, DAL2021MM N
Roster55BOMANI TTK - Mgr Ciocco, MPA2022MAAA Y
55BOND124 Caterbone Realty Group - Mgr Coppola, PCT2023MM N
Roster55Boom - Mgr Palmer Jr, HSC2024WAAA Y
Roster55BPA / MIKEN / WORTH / EASTON - Mgr Murphy, KPA2024MMP Y
Roster55Buddies Sampsons Mid Michigan Merchants - Mgr Sampson, RMI2023MAAA Y
55Buell Fuel 55 - Mgr Boice, TNY2024MM N
Roster55BUELL FUELS - Mgr BOICE, TNY2024MM3/14/2023Y
Roster55Building Innovation Group Inc - Mgr Rizzo, TNY2021MM7/30/2019Y
55Carolina Legends - Mgr Lester, JNC2021MAAA N
Roster55Chesapeake Floor Design Bottom Line Tile - Mgr Kirchner, GMD2022MM Y
Roster55Cotton Eyed Joe - Mgr Flenniken, DTN2023MAAA Y
Roster55crawfords - Mgr Farmer, TMI2021MAAA Y
Roster55CRUNCH TT - Mgr Valerino, LNY2022MAAA12/29/2014Y
Roster55Dayton Legends - Mgr Letner, JOH2024MAAA4/26/2016Y
55Dayton Legends Flyboy Athletics - Mgr Letner, JOH2022MAAA N
Roster55Demolition - Mgr Liedke, DTX2022MAAA Y
Roster55Demolition 55 - Mgr Liedke, DTX2023MAAA3/10/2023Y
Roster55Derby City Masters - Mgr Holloman, BKY2024MAAA Y
Roster55Detroit Pride - Mgr Johnson, JMI2024MAA6/14/2022Y
Roster55DLB Tyler Trucking Blue Skies Blue Mountain - Mgr Stanley, POH2024MMP Y
55Doc C - Mgr Carnley, LFL2022MM N
Roster55Doc Cs - Mgr Broxson, DFL2023MM Y
Roster55East Coast Gems - Mgr Jones, BVA2023WM6/16/2015Y
Roster55East Texas Patriots - Mgr Mott, BTX2022MAAA Y
Roster55ETX - Mgr Hackett, MTX2024MM3/6/2024Y
Roster55ETX55s - Mgr Hackett, MTX2024MM Y
Roster55Fifty Caliber - Mgr TALLEY, CMO2023WAAA Y
Roster55Fifty CoreSports - Mgr Long, CVA2022MM Y
Roster55Finance Of America - Mgr Appolito, PNJ2023MM Y
Roster55Fire and Ice 55s - Mgr Strickland, BTN2024WAAA Y
55GOATS - Mgr Preston, SMD2023MAAA N
Roster55Golden Players 55 - Mgr Ferraro, MFL2024WAAA Y
Roster55HARD NOXX - Mgr Barry, JPA2024MAAA Y
Roster55High Street 55's - Mgr Rosenthal, AMD2023MAAA02/02/2017Y
55Hott Softball - Mgr Lowe, RFL2022MAAA N
Roster55Jolico - Mgr Crise, RMI2024WM Y
55JWP 55 - Mgr Roshell, PAR2024WAAA N
Roster55K and I 55 - Mgr Budde, BIN2023MM Y
Roster55Lowe Legends - Mgr Helsel, JOH2024MM11/13/2023Y
Roster55ManCave - Mgr McKellop, MTX2024MM Y
Roster55MFP Thunder - Mgr Petramalo, MNY2023MM Y
Roster55MoTown Clics P.E.A. Group - Mgr ivy, bMI2024MAAA Y
Roster55Motown Magic - Mgr Harris, KMI2024WAAA08/08/2013Y
Roster55N.E.Merchants - Mgr Trofa, NNJ2024MM Y
Roster55Next level mayhem - Mgr Douglas jr, mOH2024MM Y
Roster55Oklahoma Rhino - Mgr Moore, ROK2023MM Y
Roster55Pensacola Cobras - Mgr King, AFL2023WAAA Y
55Powerhouse Schooners 55 - Mgr Rodriguez, PTX2024MM N
Roster55PRS LARRYS TIRE ND - Mgr Wallace, TMI2021MAAA Y
Roster55PRS SOFTBAL Warner Roofing - Mgr FORSTEN, TMI2024MM Y
Roster55Sluggers - Mgr LaMont, MFL2022WAAA09/30/2016Y
Roster55SluggerStrong - Mgr LaMont, FFL2024WAAA Y
Roster55Southern Illinois 55 - Mgr Torres, JIL2023MAAA Y
Roster55Suncoast Adidas 55 - Mgr Trotter, LFL2023MMP Y
Roster55Sunny Beaches - Mgr Shaver, WFL2024WAAA Y
Roster55Synergy - Mgr Comer, CIN2024MAAA Y
Roster55Team Illinois - Mgr Lawrence, KIL2021MAAA6/24/2015Y
Roster55Team Illinois 55 - Mgr Burnett, TIL2023MAAA Y
Roster55Tennessee Select 55s - Mgr McKenzie, BTN2024MAAA Y
Roster55Texas Bulldogs - Mgr Gebert, WTX2023MAAA Y
Roster55Texas Bulls - Mgr Amparan, JTX2021MM Y
Roster55Texas Freedom - Mgr Belk, LTX2024MAAA Y
Roster55The Firm - Mgr hines, rTX2024MM Y
Roster55TriState Legends - Mgr Lecker, GOH2024MAAA Y
Roster55Tyler Trucking / P & G / Watts Plumbing - Mgr Houseman, TOH2024MM Y
55Vector Scorpions - Mgr Lowe, RFL2021MAAA N
Roster55Warner Roofing Nail Gun Depot EQSI - Mgr Rankin, COH2023MM Y
Roster55Windsor Chiefs - Mgr Picard, JCN2024MAAA Y
Roster60Atlantic Sprinkler - Mgr Belanger, GPA2024MM Y
Roster60Avalanche - Mgr ROCHON, KMI2024MAAA4/16/2024Y
Roster60Bayou City Bombers 60 - Mgr Haralson, PTX2024MAAA Y
Roster60BJM Bomb Squad 60s - Mgr Cash, BIN2022MAAA Y
Roster60Bomani Fleming construction - Mgr Ledger, FOH2024MAAA Y
Roster60BOMANI TTK - Mgr Ciocco, MPA2024MAAA Y
Roster60Buckeye Classics 60 - Mgr Schepp, EOH2024MAAA01/25/2016Y
Roster60BUELL FUEL SIXTY - Mgr Howe, PNY2024MAAA Y
Roster60building innovation group tj plumbing - Mgr Holmes, sNY2022MM Y
Roster60Business Jet Managers - Mgr Cash, BIN2021MAAA Y
60Business Jet Managers.....BJM - Mgr Cash, BIN2021MAAA N
60Champaign Softball - Mgr Schweighart, RIL2022MAAA N
Roster60Chicago Prime 60s - Mgr Kellemen, RIL2022MAAA1/29/2021Y
Roster60Claremont Property Co - Mgr Thomas, GOH2024MAAA Y
60Coastal Paint Works - Mgr Johnson, SFL2022MAAA N
Roster60CPOA Cleveland Northern Ohio Printing - Mgr Kadow, GOH2024MAAA Y
Roster60Crossfire 60s - Mgr Kinard, MTX2024MM11/13/2023Y
Roster60CROSSFIT Greatclips - Mgr Medlin, WNC2021MAAA Y
Roster60Darrell Harris and Associates - Mgr Harris, DGA2023MAAA Y
Roster60Dayton Legends/Cattle Company - Mgr Melampy, DOH2024MAAA1/22/2020Y
60DC Connection - Mgr Washington, WMI2021MAAA N
Roster60Demolition 60 - Mgr Herrero, NTX2024MM3/9/2023Y
60Detroit Blue Devils - Mgr Smith, CMI2022MAAA N
Roster60Detroit Connection - Mgr Washington, WMI2024MAAA Y
Roster60Detroit Connection - Mgr Washington, WOH2023MAAA Y
Roster60Divergent - Mgr Thomas, LMD2024WAAA04/23/2024Y
60DT EXPRESS - Mgr Davenport, GGA2022MAAA N
Roster60Dudley Lightning - Mgr Cary, CMO2021MM Y
Roster60East Coast Gems / Next Level - Mgr McMullen, GVA2024WM Y
Roster60East Coast Gems/Ltz a vibe - Mgr HOUPOS, TVA2023WM Y
Roster60Fanatics - Mgr Mosgrove, CTN2024WM Y
Roster60Futurity First - Mgr Cappelli, KNJ2023MM Y
Roster60Generac - Mgr Biernesser, JPA2024MAAA Y
Roster60Golden Girls 60 - Mgr White, VVA2023WAAA Y
Roster60Golden Players 60 - Mgr Ferraro, MFL2024WM Y
Roster60Hamel Lady Sixties - Mgr Thomas, LMD2022WM04/19/2017Y
Roster60Hard Noxx - Mgr Barry , JPA2024MAAA Y
Roster60Homegrown Legends 60s - Mgr Snell, SLA2024WM Y
Roster60HSB - Mgr ROYSTER, JMD2022MAAA Y
Roster60iDI Softball - Mgr Soares, SCA2023WM8/11/2023Y
Roster60Iman roofing - Mgr Ledger, FOH2023MAAA Y
Roster60Isabel Heating and Cooling - Mgr Martin, DKY2023MMP Y
Roster60Jackson Merchants - Mgr Toburen , JMI2024MAAA Y
Roster60Jolico - Mgr Hart, LMI2021WAAA Y
60KLUTCH - Mgr Williams, MAL2022MM N
Roster60Louisville Softball Club - Mgr Katzman, DKY2021MAAA Y
Roster60Lumber Kings - Mgr Dries, TTN2023MAAA Y
Roster60Maryland Cougars - Mgr Monroe, GMD2024MM4/15/2022Y
Roster60Michigan Wizards / 1 UNDER - Mgr Sheeran, JMI2024MAAA10/25/2018Y
Roster60Mobley Brothers Roofing - Mgr Henderson, JTN2022MAAA Y
Roster60Monster Softball - Mgr Rabun, RMS2022MM Y
Roster60Monster Softball 2 - Mgr Rabun, RTN2023MMP Y
Roster60Montgomery Swarm 55 - Mgr Howell, DAL2022MM3 /16/2022Y
Roster60MPH Logistics and The Midwest Wolf Pack - Mgr Lake, DMI2024MM Y
Roster60Northeast Jackhammers - Mgr SHARKEY, CNY2024MAAA Y
Roster60Ohio Elite - R- Sports - Mgr Horn, MOH2024MM Y
60Ohio Elite / Schones - Mgr KINCAID, DOH2021MAAA12/12/2018N
Roster60Pelleys Stix - Mgr Pelley, KON2024MAA2/19/2020Y
60Pet Supplies Plus - Mgr Martinico, NMI2021MAAA N
60Pittsburgh North - Mgr johnson, sPA2024MM N
Roster60Reality Check - Mgr Barrett, BNC2021MAAA07/07/2014Y
60Seaglasses - Mgr Lott, LAR2023MAAA N
Roster60Sho Me 60 - Mgr French, BMO2024WAAA03/04/2014Y
60Sho Me Sixty - Mgr Williams, JMO2023WAAA N
Roster60Sluggers - Mgr Minor, SFL2024WAAA Y
Roster60Smash It Sports - Mgr Schockow, RNY2023MAAA Y
Roster60softball rehab 60 - Mgr Rodriguez, CTX2024MAAA Y
Roster60Southern Elite Hurricanes - Mgr Fowler, JAL2022MM Y
Roster60Steel City A - Mgr Steele, DPA2024MAAA Y
Roster60Strategies for Success - Mgr Rucker, MOH2024MAAA Y
Roster60Sun City Hot Tamales - Mgr Murphy, CSC2024WAAA Y
Roster60Suncoast Midwest Isabel - Mgr Martin, JKY2024MM Y
Roster60Sunny Beaches - Mgr SHAVER, WFL2024WM5/25/2013Y
Roster60Team Arkansas 60 - Mgr McMahan, BAR2024MM Y
Roster60Team Illinois 60 - Mgr lawrence, kIL2024MAAA Y
Roster60Team Riporti - Mgr Barba, SNJ2023MAAA Y
Roster60Tennessee Select Edward Jones - Mgr Garner, RTN2024MAAA Y
Roster60Tennessee Stars - Mgr Chaffin, STN2024WM Y
Roster60Texas Crush Sixties - Mgr Roach, JTX2024MMP Y
Roster60Texas Heat - Mgr Lowry, WTX2023MM Y
Roster60TEXAS IMPACT - Mgr Presley, DTX2024MM Y
Roster60Texas Rogue - Mgr DeLeon, RTX2024MM Y
Roster60Texas Thunder - Mgr Frederick, TTX2023MAAA Y
Roster60The Tribe - Mgr Tojo, TMO2024MM Y
Roster60Twin Trees - Mgr Valerino, LNY2022MAAA03/13/2017Y
Roster60undisputed Truth - Mgr Brown, VTX2024MM4/5/2023Y
Roster60Windy City Softball - Mgr Ambrose, RIL2022MM10/26/2018Y
Roster65Babes of 1916 - Mgr Siewiorek, TOH2023MAA7/7/2023Y
65Bat Attitude - Mgr Camp, LUT2024MAAA N
Roster65BJM BOMBSQUAD - Mgr Schmidt , DIL2024MAAA Y
Roster65Branns Steakhouse - Mgr Dejong, MMI2024MAAA Y
Roster65California Spirit - Mgr Garcia, LCA2024WM Y
Roster65Capp Steel - Mgr Stalker, JOH2024MAA6/27/2016Y
Roster65cardot madelina - Mgr masters, cNY2023MAAA Y
Roster65Chicago Prime - Mgr Scialabba, TIL2021MAAA03/02/2017Y
Roster65Claremont Property Co - Mgr Thomas, GOH2024MAAA Y
65Dayton Legends 65s - Mgr Roepken, JOH2021MAAA8/22/2019N
Roster65Dayton Legends 65s Diamond Dawgs - Mgr Lupton, KOH2024MAA3/25/2014Y
Roster65Dayton Legends Alpha Dawg Sports - Mgr Turner, KOH2024MAAA Y
Roster65Detroit Lugnuts - Mgr Croci, RMI2021MAAA Y
Roster65Empire Monroe - Mgr kirchmaier, cNY2023MAAA Y
Roster65Empire Monroe - Mgr kirchmaier, cNY2021MAAA03/21/2017Y
Roster65Golden Players 65 - Mgr Ferraro, MFL2024WM Y
Roster65Great Lakes Tornadoes - Mgr Schramm, JOH2024MAAA3/26/2018Y
Roster65High Street Bucs 65 - Mgr Carey, PMD2022MM4/18/2017Y
Roster65Houston Fire - Mgr McLeroy, BTX2024MM Y
Roster65Indy Fog - Mgr McNealy, TIN2024MAA3/24/2009Y
Roster65Jackhammers 65 AAA - Mgr Sharkey, CNY2024MAAA Y
Roster65Jolico Seniors - Mgr Hart, LMI2024WM Y
Roster65KC Kids - Mgr Scialabba, TMO2023MM3/27/2023Y
Roster65Louisville Softball Club Underwood Cattle - Mgr Schneider , FKY2024MAAA Y
Roster65Maryland Roadrunners - Mgr Mitchell, JMD2024WM4/16/2024Y
Roster65McMahon-Coyne-Vitantonio - Mgr Ross, JOH2024MAAA04/12/2024Y
Roster65Nor easters - Mgr Fischetti, BCT2024WAAA5 /29/2014Y
Roster65OHIO ELITE SAFE STEP TUB - Mgr Bollinger, KOH2024MM Y
Roster65Ohio Silverados - Mgr Lancaster, COH2024MAA Y
Roster65OKC Boomers - Mgr Baker, DOK2024MAAA Y
65Old School - Mgr Cantua, GAZ2023WM N
Roster65Omega IT Services LLC - Mgr Jones, PMD2023MM Y
Roster65PartyTime - Mgr Burris, TNC2021MAAA Y
Roster65Prime Time - Mgr Davis, MIL2024MM5/14/2024Y
Roster65Promotion - Mgr Santo, MNJ2023MM3/6/2018Y
Roster65Reality Check AAA - Mgr Barrett, WNC2021MAAA Y
Roster65Roadhouse Blues - Mgr White, BPA2023MAAA03/17/2011Y
Roster65RPR Softball - Mgr Rowland, PTN2023MAAA Y
Roster65Samurai - Mgr Jones, ECA2024MMP Y
Roster65Senior Diamonds - Mgr Boll, RTN2022WAAA Y
Roster65Serious Fun - Mgr Hall, RTN2024WM Y
Roster65Sho Me 65 - Mgr French, BMO2024WAAA03/11/2016Y
Roster65Smash It Sports - Mgr Schockow, RNY2024MAAA Y
Roster65Springford - Mgr Server, RPA2023MAAA Y
Roster65Sunny Beaches - Mgr Osborne, NFL2024WAAA Y
Roster65sylvania sidelines - Mgr schramm, jOH2022MAAA3/3/2021Y
65TAG - Mgr Watson, JTN2022MAAA N
Roster65Ted Todd Insurance - Mgr Frey, JFL2023MM Y
Roster65Tex Ark Legends - Mgr Lowry, WTX2024MM Y
Roster65TexArk Legends - Mgr reynolds, dTX2022MAAA Y
Roster65Texas Legends 60s - Mgr Ylda, JTX2022MAAA3/5/2021Y
Roster65Texas Legends 65 - Mgr Ylda, JTX2023MAAA Y
Roster65Texas Thunder - Mgr Hughes, JTX2022MAAA Y
Roster65The Bomb Squad - Mgr DeJongh, JMI2022MAAA12/17/2013Y
Roster65The Power - Mgr Crew, CTN2024MAAA Y
Roster65Toittees - Mgr Biernesser, JPA2024MAAA Y
Roster65Trip 2 - Mgr Patrick, BTX2023MAA3/24/2023Y
Roster65Upstate X Treme Royals BoomBas - Mgr Miller, RNY2022MAA12/7/2018Y
Roster70Babes of 1916 - Mgr Siewiorek, TOH2023MAA7/5/2023Y
Roster70Brantford Nissan - Mgr Arbic, DCN2024MAAA1/23/2020Y
Roster70Calif Spirit 70 - Mgr Nicholson, CCA2024WM Y
Roster70Cardot construction - Mgr Masters Jr, CNY2024MAAA Y
Roster70Carriage Homes - Mgr WILSON, RAR2024MAAA Y
Roster70Cavco Sports - Mgr Anderson, RCN2023MAA10/16/2019Y
70Cen Tex 70 - Mgr Bowles, GTX2021MAAA4/25/2014N
Roster70Central Ohio Cossa Sr - Mgr Linkinhoker, MOH2024MAA Y
Roster70Chalk Line - Mgr Patterson, JNV2021WAAA Y
Roster70Chattanooga Chargers 70 - Mgr Marshall, ATN2024WAAA Y
Roster70Chicago Hitmen 70 - Mgr Sabatino, MIL2024MAA1/28/2020Y
Roster70chicago panthers - Mgr dolewski, lIL2024MAAA Y
Roster70Chicago Strikers - Mgr Umbach, DIL2022MAAA Y
Roster70Columbus LXX - Mgr Gollotte, AGA2023MAAA Y
Roster70COSIS - Mgr Alvaro, LOH2024MAA4/21/2023Y
Roster70Dayton Legends - Mgr Cummings, GOH2024MAAA Y
Roster70Deep South - Mgr O'Donnell, RAL2022MAAA Y
Roster70Detroit Lugnuts - Mgr Croci, RMI2023MAAA Y
Roster70Durham Silver Stix - Mgr Nosko, MCN2024MAA3/26/2018Y
Roster70Fun Bunch - Mgr ONeill, PMO2023WM Y
Roster70Fun Bunch 70 - Mgr Carroll, JFL2024WM Y
Roster70Golden Girls VA - Mgr Moyer, PVA2024WAAA01/20/2023Y
Roster70Golden Players - Mgr Ferraro, MFL2024WM Y
70Golden Players 70 - Mgr Navitsky, LFL2024WAAA N
Roster70Grey Power of Canada - Mgr Westlake, SCN2024WM Y
Roster70Grey Sox - Mgr Schroeder, DTX2021MAAA Y
Roster70Handeland Flooring - Mgr BRUCE, RWI2024MM Y
Roster70High Street Bucs 70 - Mgr Carey, PMD2022MAAA Y
Roster70High Street Hitmen - Mgr Hitt, JNJ2024MAAA Y
Roster70Hollis Ted Todd - Mgr Correa, MFL2024MM4/30/2024Y
Roster70Jersey Masters Blue - Mgr Thomas, ANJ2023MAAA2/2/2023Y
Roster70Jersey Masters Red - Mgr Berra, lNJ2024MAA6/4/2019Y
70John Anderson Roofing - Mgr briggs, hIL2022MAAA N
Roster70Jolico - Mgr Stephan, JMI2024WM Y
Roster70Jules - Mgr Tamez, JTX2022MM Y
Roster70KC Kids - Mgr Berger, CKS2023MAAA7/26/2018Y
Roster70Kentuckiana Seventies - Mgr Garmon, DIN2023MAA Y
Roster70Legacy - Mgr COTHRAN, JFL2024WM Y
Roster70Legends of Dayton - Mgr Ewald, ROH2024MAA7/1/2016Y
Roster70Louisiana Legends - Mgr Balado, BLA2021MAAA05/09/2012Y
Roster70Louisville OGs - Mgr Reed iii, CKY2021MM Y
70Metro Detroit Seniors - Mgr Cole, JMI2021MM5/17/2021N
Roster70Michigan Lakers - Mgr Vanderhyde, GMI2024MAA4/26/2019Y
70Michigan Lumberjacks - Mgr Johnson, DMI2024MAAA N
Roster70Minnesota Lumberjacks - Mgr Torgerson, BMN2024MAAA Y
70Minnesota River Bats - Mgr Bowman, DMN2023MM N
Roster70Minutemen sfs - Mgr COYNE, TOH2024MAAA Y
Roster70Northeast Ohio Boomersh - Mgr Bolino, JOH2024MAA05/05/2011Y
Roster70Ohio Cardinals - Mgr Sowers, KOH2024WM Y
Roster70Ohio Silverados - Mgr Ballard, ROH2024MAA5/22/2019Y
Roster70OKC OUTLAWS - Mgr Dobelbower, MOK2024MAA Y
70Oklahoma - Mgr Isham, WOK2024MAAA2/27/2014N
Roster70Pill and Pill - Mgr Pill, RWV2021MAAA Y
Roster70Robson Ranch Texans - Mgr McKie, DTX2024MAA Y
Roster70Roc City - Mgr Snyder, KNY2023MAAA Y
70Rochester Pour House - Mgr Gogolsky, JNY2021MAAA N
Roster70Rochester Royals 70s - Mgr Krasnoff, PNY2022MAAA10/27/2021Y
Roster70San Antonio Silver Streaks - Mgr orbin, jTX2021MM Y
Roster70SFS - Mgr Coyne, TOH2023MAAA Y
70Sidelines - Mgr Meyer, GOH2021MAAA N
Roster70Simmons Day All Stars - Mgr Rollins, WMD2022MAAA Y
Roster70Smash it sports 70s - Mgr lochman, cNY2024MAAA Y
Roster70Southern Storm - Mgr Faucett, RGA2024MAAA Y
Roster70Southern Thunder - Mgr Blazier, DTN2023MAA02/17/2016Y
70Spicer Properties - Mgr Knott, JMD2021MAAA N
Roster70Steel Dawgs - Mgr Ninni, TOH2024MAAA05/27/2016Y
Roster70Strykers - Mgr Belcher, SGA2024MAA4/5/2023Y
Roster70Syracuse Cyclones - Mgr MILLER, JNY2024MAAA Y
Roster70T L Legends - Mgr Hughes, JTX2024MAAA Y
Roster70TandL SOX - Mgr KASPER, LTX2022MAAA Y
Roster70TEXAS GREYHOUNDS - Mgr Wagner, RTX2024MAAA Y
Roster70Texas Rattlers - Mgr Hammock, CTX2024MAAA3/3/2017Y
Roster70The Firm - Mgr McCann, GTN2023MAAA Y - Mgr Douglas, DTN2022MAAA Y
Roster70Travelers - Mgr Lee, JGA2022MAAA9/12/2019Y
Roster70Triple Two - Mgr Patrick, BTX2024MAA Y
Roster70Universal Softball Team - Mgr Ooten, TOH2024MAAA Y
Roster70Upstate Extreme Boombah - Mgr Miller, RNY2024MAA Y
Roster70usa patriots - Mgr Noble, TOK2022MAAA Y
Roster70Via Citrus 70 - Mgr Correa, MFL2023MAAA Y
Roster70Wannabees - Mgr Hodges, ENC2023WAAA Y
Roster75Bale Chev - Mgr Haney, DAR2024MAAA Y
Roster75Barber Financial - Mgr Jenkins, JMO2022MAAA Y
Roster75Chargers Seventy Five - Mgr Marshall, AMO2023WAAA Y
Roster75Chicago Strikers - Mgr Inzerillo, TIL2024MAAA3/16/2016Y
Roster75Dayton Legends - Mgr Rickabaugh, ROH2024MAAA Y
Roster75Delaware Legends - Mgr Smith, RDE2021MAAA Y
Roster75Doc Martens Rope Course - Mgr Orr, JMI2024MAA12/29/2021Y
Roster75Dr Vinyl - Mgr Clampitt , JIN2024MAAA5/2/2023Y
Roster75Express Softball - Mgr Veach, LAL2024MAAA Y
Roster75FREEDOM AA - Mgr Davis, BAL2022MAAA Y
Roster75Golden Players 75 - Mgr Ferraro, MFL2024WM Y
75Greysox - Mgr Schroeder, DTX2021MM7/28/2021N
Roster75Icemen Softball - Mgr Coffman, JKY2021MAAA Y
Roster75IL MO - Mgr Potter, LMO2023MAAA Y
Roster75Indy 70s - Mgr Hurst, HIN2024MAA3/11/2024Y
Roster75Jersey Masters - Mgr Thomas, ANJ2024MAAA Y
Roster75KC Kids - Mgr Berger, CMO2023MM11/13/2023Y
Roster75Kentuckiana 75 - Mgr Garmon, DKY2024MAAA Y
Roster75LEGENDS OF DAYTON - Mgr Ross, JOH2023MAA6/24/2022Y
Roster75Life Guard Advisorsm - Mgr DeGraff, ROH2024MAA6/15/2024Y
Roster75Maverick Construction - Mgr Schroeder, DTX2024MM7/7/2022Y
Roster75Mid State Seniors - Mgr Porter, DIL2024MAAA04/11/2012Y
Roster75Midwest Express 75 - Mgr Tworek, EIA2021MAAA01/05/2018Y
Roster75OK ARK - Mgr Merideth, ROK2023MAAA Y
75Oshkosh Ambassadors - Mgr Meyers, MWI2022MAA N
Roster75Rangers - Mgr McGlothin, MTX2024MAAA Y
Roster75Relentless - Mgr Watts, TTX2024MAA4/12/2022Y
75Relentless - Mgr Villareal, CTX2022MAAA N
Roster75Robson Ranch Texans 75 - Mgr Calverley, MTX2024MAA Y
Roster75Rochester Knights - Mgr Howell, CNY2024MAA7/18/2022Y
Roster75Rochester Titans 75 - Mgr Gogolsky, JNY2024MAAA Y
Roster75Rush Trucking - Mgr Green, DMI2022MAAA5/31/2023Y
Roster75San Antonio Legends - Mgr Gonzales, FTX2024MAAA11/13/2023Y
Roster75San Antonio Silver Streaks - Mgr orbin, jTX2024MAAA Y
75Senior Redbirds - Mgr Suess, LIL2021MAAA04/16/2015N
Roster75Steel City - Mgr McMaster, DPA2022MAAA Y
Roster75Syracuse Cyclones 75 - Mgr Gilbert, JNY2024MAAA Y
Roster75team express - Mgr Smith, KAL2022MAAA Y
Roster75Texas Legends - Mgr McGlothin, MTX2023MAA3/31/2023Y
Roster75USA Patriots - Mgr Noble, tOK2024MAAA Y
Roster75Windsor Chiefs - Mgr Prpich, DCN2023MAAA01/23/2013Y
Roster80Antigues of KC 80s - Mgr Edington, RKS2023MAAA Y
Roster80Blazers - Mgr Glasson, JNC2022MAAA Y
80Broncos - Mgr Bullock, RTX2021MAAA N
Roster80Chicago Gray Sox - Mgr Markett, WIL2024MAAA10/9/2014Y
80Florida Investment Properties - Mgr Cambareri, RFL2021MM N
Roster80Freedom Spirit of Florida - Mgr Campbell, KFL2022WAAA Y
Roster80Golden Gals 75 - Mgr Evans, CFL2022WM Y
Roster80Golden Girls 80 - Mgr Weeks, JVA2024WAAA Y
Roster80Golden Players 80 - Mgr Ferraro, MFL2024WM Y
Roster80Hamel Builders 80 - Mgr Gessel, TMD2024MAAA02/15/2016Y
Roster80Indianapolis Classics - Mgr Douglass, DIN2024MAAA10/3/2016Y
80Maverick Construction 80 - Mgr Schroeder, DTX2024MAAA N
Roster80Minnesota Masters - Mgr Setnicker, NMN2021MAAA Y
Roster80Minnesota Masters 80 AAA - Mgr Setnicker, NMN2023MAAA Y
Roster80NorEasters - Mgr Moses, KNY2024MAAA Y
Roster80Ohio Tri Stars - Mgr Cappadona, GOH2024WAAA Y
80Ohio Tri Stars - Mgr Cappadobna, GOH2021WAAA N
Roster80Pfeiffer Auto - Mgr Glupker, HMI2022MAAA5/29/2018Y
Roster80Pittsburgh Gold - Mgr Gaertner, LPA2023MAAA Y
Roster80ProHealth Care 80 - Mgr Cleary, JWI2021MAAA07/07/2014Y
Roster80Rare Breed - Mgr Clements, FOH2024MAAA11/13/2023Y
Roster80Rush Trucking - Mgr Green, DMI2024MAAA Y
Roster80S Iron 80 - Mgr Lutz, DCO2023MAAA Y
Roster80San Antonio 80s - Mgr Lazenbery, RTX2024MAAA02/08/2018Y
80Scrap Iron 80 Proof - Mgr Carpenter, DCO2024MM N
Roster80Senior Redbirds - Mgr Harrington, PIL2024MAAA Y
Roster80South East Grinders - Mgr Griffith, KGA2021MAAA9/5/2018Y
Roster80Stars & Stripes 80s - Mgr Torok, DOH2022MAAA Y
Roster80Syracuse Cyclones - Mgr BECCHETTI, LNY2022MAAA05/05/2011Y
Roster80Tennesse Seniors - Mgr Blazier, DTN2023MAA7/25/2017Y
Roster80Tennessee Senior Stars - Mgr Harris, GTN2023WAAA01/06/2014Y
Roster80Texas Stallions - Mgr Schiller, ETX2024MAAA02/20/2024Y
Roster85Center for Sight - Mgr Brotherton, HFL2024MM7/22/2021Y
Roster85Chicago Geezers - Mgr Doell, WIL2023MAAA Y
Roster85Main Street Pub - Mgr Brooks, RMI2024MAAA Y
Roster85New York Statesmen - Mgr Clarke, RNY2024MAAA12/5/2016Y
          No Roster Selected or Roster Not Available for this Team

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